Monday, February 15, 2010

My name is Karan Johar and I am not always pathetic..

Fear grips me, the walls seem to crush me am I am writhing in pain. All this when I see the name 'Karan Johar' on the screen. The otherwise melodious tone of 'Dharma productions' seems to be ghastly as all the dreadful memories of stuff in Kabhi Alvida..(sorry Dash, but it still happens to be the most pathetic movie I've seen), Kal Ho na.. etc resurface. Besides all the apprehensions, here I was- watching 'My Name is Khan' with my family.

In spite of my inhibitions, the movie turned out to be pretty good. A great watch; doesn't matter if you are a SRK fan or not. The central theme of the movie remains humanity, love, forgiveness, autism and Shah Rukh Khan. Needless to say, it does not waver from this path, and of all the SRK factor remains the prime. And yes, he lives up to it. We all have noticed that disability with the protagonist has become a major selling point amongst the Khans (remember Taare Zameen Par, Ghajini, Tere naam, Kal ho na Ho etc?). Yet I have to point out that SRK has played the autistic adult really well. Might I add that the junior avatar of SRK is even better!

The theme is noble and the only improvement that could have been would be editing of parts where they went overboard while proving a point. You know what I'm talking about: the too good good, righteousness prevails, blah blah. For example, we didn't need the firangs singing 'Saare jahaan se achcha' in English (neither did we want firangs to sing Jana gana man in K3G). And though the idea made an effect on the audience, the director decided to take it further and bring in Mr. Obama to make sure his message was accepted by creatures with no brains at all. Wait a second, 'firang' reminds me: Why do we always need to go to the US?? Trust me, there are plenty of similar issues in India that can be brought up with movies.

Now this is what I call Johar-ism. I used to call it Johar-panti but since he proved to be not so chaat this time, I'll settle for the more polished form- Johar-ism.


  1. Well, just that you watched MNIK and came out alive and sane makes me stand in attention position, *sound of stomping my feet* and salute you.. Well done.. Anyways.. Actually the reviews are pretty good, but just because I hate that man so much, don't think will be watching it..

  2. lol!! Even I had same feelings earlier, but as you said- I am still alive.. ;)

  3. you didnt mention Kajol even once - did she really get stomped by the SRK?

    youcha! and woh - just landed at your blog - nice man!