Thursday, February 18, 2010

Go kiss the World!

I haven't read the first book-"The high performance entrepreneur"-so there're no comparisons drawn. Nonetheless, this turned out to be a vey pleasant read overall. Subroto Bagchi- the son, the brother, the student, the NCC cadet, the key employee and finally the entrepreneur. The initial part of his life is quite inspiring. This guy tries to prove that education and knowledge depend totally on the attitude of the receptor. How else can you justify the son of a government employee who spent all his childhood in obscure towns and villages of Bihar, Orissa- becoming a great success story?

The description of his journey is commendable. However, the beauty of this lies in his lessons from the middle class household. The lessons from the family and the adversities of our country make a pleasant read. The professional progress, though commendable seems one like the many other.

What makes Mr. Bagchi's professional story stand out is his attitude towards his co-workers. While most of the business stories are centered around an individual's or a corporation's success, Mr. Bagchi never fails to point out the qualities of people he came across at Shriram DCM, Wipro or Mindtree.

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