Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lee Child: creditable!

"Jack Reacher: Men want to be like him, women want to be with him"

- this definitely sounds like a cheap author trying to sell a cheap book at a cheap place to some cheapskate. Too many cheaps in one sentence? Well I'll tell you something; It's a masterpiece!

Agreed, I never would have bought the book had I read these lines on it's back at the Wheeler's stall on the railway station in a dusty little town. However I was fortunate that I was recommended this book by a trusted source. Hence I did pick it up and could never put it down later.

The protagonist is a bit of a cliché. He's ex-military, no dependencies, a complex mind, has his own way of seeing & judging things and so on. However a marvelous attribute is where he spends his life. On the road. Jack Reacher is always on the move: moving from town to town. His home changes everyday with a different motel bed everyday. I will not able to justify the beauty of this attribute as this is something the author does the best.

The first book revolves around a small make believe town called Margrave where everything: though seemingly perfect turns out to be a cover for something bigger.

The next book I got my hands on was 'the Visitor'. This turned out to be a splendid saga of psychological warfare. The success of all authors of the 'thriller-fiction' tag can be attributed to withholding facts from readers in the name of logical deduction and Lee Child is not very different. Nonetheless, the books are fast paced and keep you glued.

As for the opening line mentioned, maybe the fellow who made the cover was plain dumb, maybe he had seen a lot of Kollywood movies, maybe...

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