Friday, July 3, 2009

Salvation of the terminator series

Yes, this one has managed to save the Terminator series. Terminator: Rise of the machines can be called a criminal act for obliterating the class created by the predecessors.

T-2 was one of the first English movies I got my hands on. I remember those primitive times when we got a VHS of this movie from someone abroad and saw it on the VCR. It is true that it was a quantum leap with my previous sci-fi viewing limited to the TV series Street Hawk. I can never forget the impact T-2 had on me. God bless Star movies for helping me revise it periodically as I grew up. Even today I consider it as one of the most brilliant movies of all times and will be glued if I catch it on TV.

Salvation restores the glory and brings the story back on track again. I had witnessed a lot of hue and cry on the net claiming that the story was trash, no dialogues, but I knew I can't live without seeing this movie. I agree with the critics on most of it- There are more of nods, signs than dialogues. They could have done without some of the Terminator clichés. I mean- lava, freezing robots, "I'll be back"- it's not that you HAVE to use these signatures be part of the 'Terminator' series. You are insulting the original every time you do this. Despite all the negative remarks, I found the story very interesting. Considering the mess they had made with T-3, this is the best way they could have taken it further. Though certain questions are still left unanswered and there is room for a sequel. Honestly, I feel that I need to see the entire series again as my tiny miny brain is still unclear about the past and future interactions and to understand fully as to why all emphasis is given to the 'future' of the human race.

John Connor is substance. Not some kiddo or a lost stupid dude (offense meant to Rise of machines).

My friend- Bugga commented that this movie should've come ages ago. When you think about it, you'll find that so very true. Terminator is what created the cult- Human vs. Machine concept. The first two installments create a world on the screen that not many can think of even today.

However, in between a new phenomenon came and took this idea forward. It was called 'The Matrix'. It stole the following that was rightfully Terminator's. Don't give me those glares. I- just like all of you am an ardent fan of the Matrix but facts are facts. The saboteur called Terminator 3- ROM was not of any help at this time. Terminator built up the idea of the machines ruling humans but failed to capitalize it further in the late 90's.

To sum it up, the story is decent and there are some bugging clichés and illogical twists. But what makes this movie a superb package are the action sequences and the graphics. CG guys- hats off.. It starts right from the beginning with John Connor in the cockpit of the crashing helicopter. Makes you wonder what amount of work went into that.

All the action with Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) is remarkable. Worthington has done a superb job and you'll come to question if Christian Bale as John Connor is actually the lead. I am glad that he has proven that big movies can survive without a Jupiter sized star cast.

Lastly, what turned out to be a big thing in winning my respect was the music. It's been almost 20 years! Still the Terminator theme makes me jump out of my seat and in an esoteric manner pushes up my adrenaline levels. Somehow, it brings the words- future, war, purpose and karma to my mind. All it has is a few beats. You could count the number of instruments used for composition on the fingers of your hand. But still; nothing beats it!

If you want to see this movie, I urge you to strictly stick to the theater. Let the effects blow you away.


  1. Was never a big fan of Matrix anyways, probably because I never made an effort to understand the underlying story and concept. But Terminator is as you very rightly said, The original Man vs Machines series. And this one has taken it a step further. What graphics, what action and there were some really spine-chilling moments too. The story though consistent with the previous editions did have some cliches and illogical ends, but nevertheless had enough substance to hold you absorbed till the very end. All in all an awesome movie.

  2. i just luv the soundtrack!! its some-awe !!

  3. I am a fan of both matrix and Terminator. Matrix is very well capable of becoming the sequel to Terminator. It would be nice to have another movie linking the 2 after all both are a warner bros production.