Friday, July 17, 2009

Indijoes ahoy!

My, I seem to be in a mood for writing!!

Here goes on our adventures at Indijoe's.

Arun decided to have his b-day bash at Indijoe's. God bless him!! So we all (Varun , Rajath, Niveditha, me n of course Arun) sneak away from office surreptitiously and head to RMZ Infinity on the Old Madras road.. The place is pretty slick with all the biggies operating from here. I know Google, Ernst n Young, Reuters & Boeing having their offices here. The ground floor is an arena with the food court taking most of the place. There are also a few independent places: CCD as well as Indijoe's.

Thanks to the end moment planning, we reached here a bit later than 1pm. Not a good time considering the density of self-proclaimed geniuses (read finance wizzes, bankers and strategists) is pretty high around this time. We see the menu and Arun gives a go-ahead for the buffet. God bless Arun once again!! Though there are tables laid outside, we chose to sit inside. All of us were impressed by the place. Car plates, pics of great musicians of all times scattered across the wall, movie mementos, instruments and the wood build up a splendid environment. Well, the place could wait- I jumped out of my chair moments after I sat on it and headed south with a mission to grab a plate and as much food as it can hold thereafter. First round comprised of various kind of salads, soup and some fancy bread. Only the soup proved to be a waste of place on the plate (heck, I could have stuffed something else in that place in my first round). Second round of starters starred Pizza, more bread, veg cutlets and some fancy chicken stuff. Boy, I HAVE to go to the gym today! Third round of starters had the best of what I had in the previous two rounds.

Now the main course was a bit of a let down. There were just two varieties of rice and some noodles. Hello?? You think you can satisfy the stomachs of Indians?? Anyway, it fitted perfectly in my strategy: Having as little of main course as possible and concentrating on the more spectacular stuff which is always part of starters or dessert. I had some rice and noodles with the two gravies that were served.

Then came the dessert. They had run out of the pudding that we were eyeing greedily but they put Jamun to compensate for that. I had 5 of them in the two rounds that I made. Just to ensure Arun's money be prove to be well spent, I even had 4 pieces of the cake and cheesecake. Ok, I'll NEED to go for swimming after gym as well. Ice cream was more or less liquid but the kulfi was the grand finale.

The music is mainly of the 70s and 80's. The ones we could recognize were Abba, Daddy cool and Lambada. For 199+taxes (weekdays lunch), its definitely worth it.

Phew, finally I finish writing only to find more of "to do's" in my list.. So it's badminton, gym followed by swimming in the evening to condone my culinary adventures of yesterday..


  1. whoa shubham! u ate exactly 10 jamoons more than i did :P

  2. nice review man.. add the link to this page to locomi!