Friday, July 17, 2009

Animation times return with: Ice Age 3

Running back from school, finishing up home work and studies, build the 'well earned entertainment feel' to finally switch on the TV and watch your favorite cartoon.. Yay!!

Sounds like the normal life of a 10 year old?? The shocking fact here is that I refer to the 17 year old me- a couple of years back. Besides a few movies, only animated series interested me even at that age. Swat cats, Ninja Robots, Dexter's lab and Johny Quest ruled over me. I knew that my mother's ever smiling face often belied her concerns. I got the feeling at times that she feared that my brain development had stalled much earlier. Ya ya, I hear you guys: I know some of you still believe that I still qualify as a case of an impaired brain but anyways, I won't mess with you mere mortals for now. With my dedication and seriousness with cartoons, I can't blame my parents for their line of thoughts.

But as time went, poor me drifted further and further away from this colorful world. I did enjoy watching Incredibles, Shark Tale and Monsters Inc. but that was about it. This year, I had only 'Monsters vs. Aliens' to my credit but boy, I really liked the President of US swinging to Deep Purple's 'Smoke on the Water'.

Cynical murdering maniacs and sci-fi stories excite me more than a [simple story+ humor]- which is the case with all animated movies these days. Possibly beacause of the variety of crowd they have to cater to. Hence I was pretty neutral about Ice Age-3 and never took the initiative to watch it on the big screen. Thanks to enthusiasm of my friends at work: Arun & Varun- a plan finally came up. Uncertainty loomed till the last moment. A nail biting finish to completing our respective tasks; me building my new binary and shooting it off to the developers' nemesis (read testing team); we raced towards the Innovative Multiplex: Arun, Rajath, Varun n me.

Ok have a hearty laugh: it was a bit weird with four guys in a office-ish attire scouting for the best seats amongst small kids and families. We did get the best seat (or so we thought) before the movie started.

When I see the female mammoth in the first scene I realize I haven't seen Ice Age 2!! Anyways simple story goes on with friendship, adventure and light humor being the main point amongst the mammoth, sabretooth and the Sloth. (Sorry no names, I just remember that the sloth was called Sid). Another reason why I fail to remember the main characters is the new character that comes in and asks the others to take a back seat.

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for: Captain Buck...

This dude can easily belt Jack Sparrow and is surely the 'baap' of the penguins of Madagascar (Skipper and King Julien included). His face can contort more than Jim Carrey, his antics and attitude beat Johny Depp and he makes the jungle his playground in a manner that would put Brandon Frasier to shame.

What animal?? Um.. I think this rough sea talking fearless buccaneer is a weasel. Nice way of adding a sarcastic touch :) His only aim in life is to battle his longtime nemesis: Rudy. That he lovingly calls him Rudy should not make you undermine the monstrosity of this enemy. Rudy is actually the biggest T-Rex of the region creating havoc throughout.

As I said the story is pretty simple with the ending part with the birth of 'Peaches' reminds me of some horrifying Hindi movies. But in all, quite an experience.. Hats off Buck!! Your hunger for adventure and your epic battles surely impressed me mate.

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