Friday, March 26, 2010

The Homecoming:Genius is the word!!

The following line is what best summarizes Shashi Warrier’s latest book and will be etched in my memory for a long time:

‘I wonder how the fabric of my life came apart so quickly. It was a rich fabric, something I’d taken great pains and over three decades to weave. We might each recover individually, but the richness of the fabric is gone.’

These are the words from Javed Shariff, the protagonist of this remarkable story. The summary states that this is a tale of a family torn apart in the battle scarred valley of Kashmir. While the battered city of Srinagar and effects of terrorism and security are beautifully portrayed from the Kashmiris point of view, the beauty of this creation lies not in the plight of Kashmir but the crisp portrayal of human nature. How the strong, well travelled and successful 50 year old Javed is tested by circumstances. He has spent his life away from his home. Now that he has established an enterprise for his sons and saved enough, the tired soul wants to return home. However, the memories of the beautiful valley will have to make way for the military dominated Kashmir and the realities of life take a toll. A son’s betrayal, plight of grandparents, losing a trusted friend- all are a feature of the journey called life. You could associate it all to anyone, including yourself. The complexity of human nature is beautifully crafted here. Javed Shariff is still unable to hate the son who took everything away, understands the circumstances that have turned friends and family against him at trying times. With commendable strength, he treads on the path built on his beliefs; silently accepting jabs from everyone and sharing others’ problems.

The book is a big winner and has an impact thanks to the degree of realism. I would have attempted to draw parallelism with Khaled Hosseini’s Kite Runner initially but this creation leaves everything I have read far behind.

Nothing less expected from an author who travels the country on his motorcycle and understands human nature!!

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