Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blowback: book review

What started as a promising new series and a discovery of yet another Indian author has let us all down in the third book. Lashkar was impressive: the Indian special forces taking down a crime operative in a critical operation in Islamabad. The action, strategy, politics behind a war: all were impressive. So in the third book, what went wrong? The story revolves around the reformed terrorist who infiltrates the IM for Force 22. That the author's marvelous creation: The Force 22 stand and watch like buffoons doesn't make sense at all. Moreover, the terror plans lack zeal and seem very simple. Again, the only frightening part is that you can picture all the events and imagine how simple it must've been to organize the blasts at Jaipur, Delhi, etc.

The author stated that he was under tremendous pressure to finish the third and the upcoming fourth installment. If that's what pressure did to him, I doubt if I'll be picking up the Fourth book..

Anyway, I would still recommend the first book to war strategists and action junkies..