Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Illuminati returns

After watching Da-Vinci, there were little expectations from Angels & Demons. As for Da-Vinci, it clearly failed to strike a chord. The book was a masterpiece but somehow the movie makers failed to do justice to it. So I went for Angels & Demons just because I got tickets really cheap and wanted to casually revise my favorite Dan Brown book. Eventually, it did exceed my expectations.
I was awed by the effects. They have done a pretty good job mystifying the churches of Rome. The scenes shot for archives of Vatican city as well as St. Peter's square are spectacular. Car freaks will love the Alfa Romeos and Dacias zipping around Rome to save the Preferati. The path to illumination coupled with the pursuit for the Preferati adds to the thrill and keeps you on the edge throughout.
Did it modify the story? No denying that- it did. But I will confidently say that most of the modified pieces shaped Dan Brown's masterpiece even better. To site instances: They have done away with the Swiss plane that flies at 5 mach speed. Then the chopper scene at the end is a lot more dignified. I was expecting Tom Hanks to cling on to the chopper and fall from mind boggling heights; surviving it all. Thankfully none of it happened and the Carmelengo had to fly alone. The length of the movie was quite something thanks to the extended time taken for the mystery to unfold.

Movie vs. Book?? I am always biased when it comes to books so no comments there. But I can assure you that I enjoyed every bit of the movie..

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