Monday, June 15, 2009

Club Cabana.!

When we heard that our team was rewarded with a lunch party, immediacy was the word of the hour. We knew that someone in the top brass may not like this idea in these times and cancel the budget altogether. So the idea was to have an outing before the others realized what we were upto. A couple of phone calls to club cabana brought the per head charge down to 650 and we decided to head to this place the next day itself.

By the time the whole team reached, it was 11. The place might be a bit tricky to find as there are no boards or directions on the airport road. Just keep an eye for the big State Bank of Mysore on your left just before the airport and some 5Kms from the Yelahanka Air force station. From here it's a couple of Km's inside.

The first thing that hits you is the size of the place. Tall machan-like tree top structures greeting you from a distance make a majestic sight. The property is spread on both sides of the road. A colored band on your wrist declares that you are a guest of CC for the day and can enter either of the two. The main lobby catches the interest of photographers as it houses quite some exquisite articles such as the regal cane throne, the treasure chests and pottery. Stepping out, the lush greenery dotted with numerous pools is an exciting sight and manages to entice all those with an appetite for thrill.

After gulping down the welcome drink, we headed for the sports area. We tried volleyball for some time, Badminton (the indoor court is decent with wooden flooring) and Squash. The Squash court is petty run down with broken tubes littered on the floor. Moreover, there was no dedicated equipment and we played with Tennis equipment for a while. Nobody had the guts to play tennis in the blazing sun. As the standard team building activity, we started a cricket match next which kept us occupied for two hours. Upon completion of the game, we headed for the restaurant with our huge appetites. And then we gorged!! The preparations were superb and totally obliterated our speculations of the quality of food in far flung places. Next the bowling alley beckoned. The place is pretty good though the scoring is done manually (the digi- scores have not been working since ages). But you love it when you have 4 lanes to your gang!!

The next thing we indulged in was confusion. How to extract maximum fun in the next 3 hours? This question led to a corporate ish-style discussion for quite some time. The decision came in when a couple of guys ran away to the wave pool. Others had little choice but to follow. The dip is the wave pool turned out to be rewarding. We had fun jumping around and attempting to drown everyone else. The ladies preferred to chill out at the lazy river. The water slides got the kiddo attitude of everyone. Though the slides are limited (just 3), you can try different antics with the water tubes. Before heading for the showers, we took a dip in the Jacuzzi pool as well. Much later, pictures revealed there was also a trampoline which we had mysteriously missed out.

In all an awesome experience! Let me point out that we visited this place on a weekday and had the entire place to ourselves. That was another luxury to cherish.

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