Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paths of Glory- My Review

Though most of my company frankly rubbished Jeffrey Archer’s latest creation, I beg to differ. For starters, I started reading this without ever bothering to read the reviews or lend an ear to the critics. The assumption was that this is the usual JA saga with some class and some kicks at the same time. As my comrades overtook me reading this and started complaining that this is a story based on facts and does not give the kicks like the usual JA’s, I couldn’t pretend not to care any more. My enthusiasm did go down and I finally took a lot more time to finish this than I should have. I was happy reading this as at times, it could help me recall a few scenes from ‘Vertical Limit’- one of my personal favorite.

In the end, I was pretty content reading it and was planning on how to debate my friends on this. For some reason, I happened to read the epilogue with great care. It gives real life facts about all the characters in the book and how they led their lives. The last- yes the last three lines just threw me off my feet. As I closed the book in the aircraft ( I was traveling @ 20000ft when this happened), I was wondering what phenomenon was responsible for creating a static in my body and causing my hair to stand up. Then, I concluded- it were the last three lines to blame!!

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