Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is the Castrol Power 1 worth it??

This post might be a bit confusing for some. An average Indian will do just do about anything to give a good answer to that question: "Mileage kitna hai?" Understandably, engine oils are also rated in India in accordance with the phenomenal increase in mileage they can attain.

So I may disappoint you with my first note- a big No.. The Castrol Power1 did not improve mileage for my beautiful Pulsar 200. On the contrary, I get a 44 kmpl on the highway compared to more respectable figures of 47-48 some time back in  same driving conditions. But then why do I still love this oil? The answer is the significant improvement in smoothness and NVH that it can get. In the past, I never fancied taking the P-200 motor beyond 6500 rpm. The sound reveals just how much strain the piston and the ring is under. Though it was not bad, it just didn feel right to torture the motor to that extent. Fast forward today- I have almost no hesitation in taking it to 7000rpm and beyond. The grunt is a lot more meatier and packs substance. So I say, if you love your engine and are willing to do anything for it's health, go for this. Be warned- this is a tidy bit heavier than the standard and if you are able to observe carefully, there is a difference when accelerating from lover revs.

Castrol claims a life of 4k for the Power1 and I can testify for a successful 2.5k on my bike. The primitive Castrol Activ I remember was a goner in not more than 600kms (even without any red revving); though Castrol again quoted a higher figure

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