Friday, April 27, 2018

Always want to get back to SF

San Francisco – What a city! 
No other city liberates your heart the way that this does. If you want to witness beauty, head out to the pier.

The wind was had those two traits-
it is always fresh and has a mysterious pleasantness about it. For those of us used to living in cities where a nearby waterbody signifies dampness, dark waters marked by industrial effluents, the freshness of SF’s bay and the air around remains a mystery.
Vanchi - the successful Cali entrepreneur & his BMW
Territorial war at Pier 39 - the big guy won..
The dynamism of the city does not cease to impress. One can already hear residents of a lot of other great city proclaiming supremacy for this fact. However, until I travel other places, SF remains at top for me. For starters, just see the people around you: You see technologists, start-up folks of all genre, design people, finance guys, junkies, and what not. The last two are of little help to the society, as pointed out by a lady in the BART on our way to Oakland. The fellow lay on the floor in a quite a queer manner: The only normalcy about his stance was how his hind was seated. His buttocks were planted on the seat as is the case for most of humans, and everything else differed remarkably. The top of his head was planted on the train floor,  and was serving as an anchor supporting majority of his weight. His hands, as lifeless protuberances, swayed as per the direction in which the train traversed, staying true to centrifugal force and associated principles of physics. “Is he dead?” is all what the commuters commented, and after assessing that the creature was still inhaling and exhaling, he was left alone. The incident portrays the other social aspects of a free society. While SF does inculcate creativity like no other, the freedom other tools (they call it ‘almost legal’ here) can put you in a fix.

The cool wind was levitating. In the bay tour, an emotional story of the city was told – ensuring you connect with the heart and spirit, that makes this city. Though history is something that is very limited in the States, it was beautifully recited for the city, from the era of the Spanish quests, to the gold rush and the fire that burnt the city down. You seem to live it along with the sights.  

Undoubtedly, there would be problems with the city, part of a bankrupt state, poverty of a sort rampant in some pockets. We are However, it is a living dream- this city. I envy those who can call this city their home, breathe in the California air, mixed with the air of the pacific, funneling through the bay.

I looked at the woman of my life, and thanked my stars for making this possible- to be here with her, for that promise well kept.

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