Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kuala Lumpur: All you can in 2 days..

Spot the Yogi..

Petronas Towers:

You have to see it to believe it. Not a fan of buildings in particular, I was moved by the grandiose of this structure. That too on my second visit to this place. Part of this structure is open for the public: the Suria mall and the Petrosains museum. The central park behind this is a great place to go: especially in the morning and evening. This picture above- I am particularly proud of: camouflaged here is Sona concluding her yoga session.

Wind Tunnel @ Petrosains

Petrosains Museum:

Recommend this if you are with kids. Couple of things to meddle around for adults as well.

Bukit Bintang:

This is the Bandra/CP/Church Street of KL. Lot of places to choose from. For the adventurous ones, try out the local cuisine in the informal eateries.

Bird Park:

This is a highly entertaining place, with the birds moving among you quite fearlessly. The bird show is the local attraction here, advisable to time your visit to catch this. Beware of the parakeet section: the hostile ones whizz past your ears at incredible speeds.

Aquaria KLCC:

A great attraction with a rich variety to look at. The feeding time provides striking views as well. If you have seen this in Singapore/ Dubai, you could consider this experience. The variety is striking enough, and I highly recommend this.
Yes! There's a section where you can touch them!

Sharks galore!

National Museum:

A passable tourist attraction. We hit this place to spend time between airports. This walks you through the history of the region, right from centuries ago to pre-independence to the recent times of industrialization. 
We meet again old fellas!


Menara Kuala Lumpur:

Petronas Towers from the Menara KL
The Menara KL is the older structure when compared to the Petronas tower but seems a lot more worthy a visit. The viewing deck is higher than anything in the city and it offers a great sight of the city and the Petronas towers. In case you do wish to view the city, we recommend this instead of the Petronas sky-bridge. Reason being: You cannot view the Petronas towers from within, they can be viewed  better from the Menara KL, especially in the evening.


Must visit for you if you love bargaining hard and cracking a good deal gives you immense satisfaction. Reminded us of the Chatuchak market of Bangkok.

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