Sunday, June 22, 2014

Krabi: Day 3

Today, we decided to do justice to the spread at the buffet and spent most of the morning swimming and gorging thereafter. We set out for the Krabi town and after contemplating on visiting the snake show, we decided to head to the ‘tiger temple’. Treading through Krabi was the same feeling, with the peace and slow pace overwhelming us. We got to the airport road and started seeking directions. Now those who have faced problems with accent, they may concur with me that getting your point across is a bit difficult in the interiors of Thailand. Allow me to elaborate some of our conversations:

Desi me: Excuse me, Whaat ez tha way too Taaiggerr cave tempal?
Fuel station attendant: tempaaaa?? (with an expression of those priests of the rougher religions who blast their apprentice over the quality of tea served while overseeing human sacrifice)
Sure enough, I ran from here..

Desi me: Taigarr… Growl.. Roar..
Coffee shop owner: Swadikaaa(p)
Desi me: Taigarr cave tempall (hands folded) rroad?
Coffee shop owner: Have nott.. (giving an expression that you give when they drop an anvil on your head from the 5th floor)

My wife was of little help in finding the way. She was floored by the coffee shop girl who according to her, defined cuteness and declared that she was in love. Finally, a stop at the Yamaha showroom did the trick.

Desi me: Taigarr tempal? Tiger cave temple.. Way?
Sales lady: tempoooou?????!!!
Desi me: Tiger cave.. Temple.. (almost to tears)?
Sales lady: Ahh.. Tigell tempooll..!!!
Desi me: yes yes!!!!!
Sales lady: Awww. You take light tuln….Then…
So we did get to the temple and here are the pictures to prove it. We did not trek to the mountain top which they say offers a good view as the sun was too much. After the temple, we headed to a Tesco store nearby and did some general shopping after a meal. From our basket, alcohol was hush-hushed and kept aside. Word of advice to other tourists- avoid buying liquor off the shelf at day-time as this is forbidden by Islamic laws of the land.

On our way back, we took a call to explore an unexplored waterfall. A good forty minutes drive off the highway, the Huay Tho waterfall in Khao Sok national park is a multi-tiered one offering a great view and a good opportunity for trekkers. 

Spending a great time trekking through the woods, we headed back to the… Sofitel pool of course..

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