Monday, April 23, 2012

Idiots & Motorcyclists..

Though our nation is full of enthusiastic riders, I bet there are not more than 5 % who are actual riders. Everyday I see an idiot making suicidal maneuvers and creating a disaster; or avoiding one by a hair’s margin. One often wonders: with such a healthy record of stupidity behind them, how have such creatures managed to survive to date. When I confront such people, it is shocking that they attribute their narrow escapes and such endeavors to their heroism, riding & chick impressing skills.

The other day, on a jam-packed road: an R15 decided to make use of a couple of inches on the wrong side of the road and accelerated as if to break the company specified record of 0-60 kmph sprint in the Yamaha brochure. In the meantime, gears shifted and the traffic moved. It so happened that the enthusiast was heading for a gap between a truck and me. I swerved my borrowed car to help save the fellow but the trucker was not so generous. When the idiot realized that the gap was too narrow, he braked in haste, skidded and fell: with the bike and his spouse.. While the moron got a couple of scrapes and was grinning away to glory at his feat, his spouse ended up with a nasty gash, a torn bag and a shock. All she could manage was a stern dismissive look at the moron. A word of advice to the pillion riders: if someone does put you in such danger, you should not have a moment’s hesitation to slap the rider hard. He/she has had no concern for your safety and well being and needs to be taught a lesson.

Lost in their own world are they? Sigh.. There is nothing much that you and I can do.. Just avoid such company for your own road trips..
I have no qualms in admitting that I am not an angelic figure who’s out on a drive to cleanse the road and the society for a better world. My biggest problem with such creatures is that they are corrupting the word and the world ofMotorcycling’.

Thanks to such people, my mom addresses lovely bikes as suicide machines.
A friend of mine: when introducing me to a fine lady labeled me as a motorcyclist. For a while, the conversation went fine with the lady pointing out how motorcycling signifies freedom and so on. However she went on recalling how meeting me reminded her of a biker friend of hers who could ride from Greater Kailash to Noida in just 35 minutes in peak traffic..

I thought of giving her a lesson on the difference between motorcycling and lunacy.. But then I just sighed and had to drive the conversation away from my favorite topic: Motorcycling.. 


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