Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mysterious ways .. Fate??

On any other day, I would have laughed at it and brushed it away. Mysteriously, my patience seemed to have taken the day off and my temper was rising. The cause of of the mounting disgust was a jobless class where eminent personalities from the industry were shaping the future leaders. Or so they say. To cut it short, it was bullshit. The high fliers of the industry were telling tales of the do’s and don’ts in the business environment while the anxious post grad crowd listened intently. In time, the instructor proposed to introduce a role play to re-create a business case in the class. There were roles assigned to individuals who accepted their fictitious identities with great pride. Soon enough many metaphorsized into Business Analysts, technologists, high flying customers and what not..

Sounds impressive right? Should have been. The spoiler was the intellect; or should I say: the lack of it. The problem was ridiculously simple (PS: my new born nephew would able to resolve it as soon as he can start talking). Yet the energy was high and everyone had a thing or two to say. The wise have been great canvassers of silence; ie: in case you don't know something, it's smart to shut up. Yet out here, silence is not an option. Thou shall speak senselessly for there is no concern fir quality, just for attitude and speaking skills. Moreover, the evaluator is not necessarily smart enough to filter sensible stuff- he/she will reward those who are remembered for any reason:good or bad..

What happened for the rest of the hour was absolute filth. There were arguments, issues brought up and even a few digs at each other for that little screen time. The instructor applauded, rubbished and even suggested alterations for the performances.

I came out, took out the phone and was soon in conversation with a like minded friend. I could figure that I was being intrusive and the poor fellow had done nothing to bear the brunt of my anger. I disconnected and was suddenly overcome by loneliness. Loved ones were far away and the crowd around me was in the gear up for ‘high score tomorrow mode’. I was not in a mood to bother other friends and talking to family since in such a state it would invite the obvious ‘Comply, make most of your study opportunity’ talk. I was wondering what to do when a fierce looking canine came by. The eyes looked sad yet he reminded me of yesterday’s incident when one (his bro possibly?) had dug his teeth into my jeans for no reason as I was driving around town. We kept looking at each other: the beige dog and I and soon he came close and sat down near me. I patted his head and he instantly snuggled at my ankles. Now that he was regally settled in my lap, I stroked his head, back and neck. Soon I lost track of time, and everything around me..

This went on for a while until I wondered about the force which was observing me and decided to send a helping hand (or paw) to alleviate my mind. The endeavour only cost a thorough wash and that of my clothes but I was intrigued by what I had been rewarded with. For I hardly find love that is so easily reciprocated; and that’s all that dog did. As I looked into his eyes, I was reminded of something a professor said in a movie: Do not pity the dead, (Harry). Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love"


  1. Well said brother!
    It seems so strange but you have written exactly what i feel and do at these mindless brainstorming sessions!

  2. Thanks man.. A victim of crappy talk i assume?