Sunday, May 2, 2010


First things first. A big thanks to Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner for enlightening us with economics. More Importantly I should thank them for clarifying the myth that economics has to always be about money. It was a real treat seeing numbers and data from various walks of life.

Super Freakonomics lives upto the expectations of it’s prequel. It grand, slick, shocking and err.. freaky! Geo-engineering, truth about global warming, numbers to trace terrorists and monkey business (literally)- it’s got ‘em all. The global warming findings have invited a lot of criticism from various organizations and its worth to read and analyze from the stone hearted economists' (as they describe themselves: more than once) point of view.

The numbers presented here are minimal and to the point to ensure that number fearing people like me were glued. But the data, though limited is hard hitting. And the results are eye-popping.

This is a treat, whether you like economics or not. It certainly has the power to change your perspective. You might start thinking about reality, numbers and probability in your day to day activities.


  1. I liked Freakonomics a lot. Especially the Sumo wrestler and Crime Drop due to abortion legalization ones.. Are they as radical as these in this book too?

  2. They've taken it to a new level. Trust me, they investigate more radical stuff.. I won't be giving out spoilers; you have to read it!