Friday, September 4, 2009

Screw it, Lets do it: Review

Quick read edition of the Branson's Autobiography- "Losing my Virginity". In case you have read this, don't bother with this book or treat it as a refresher course. Since I am a fan of the dyslexic- beating all odds- Branson and see him as an inspirational figure, I had to read this.

In this, you get quite some instances from the workaholic Branson's life. While he does assert the importance of ethics and values, he will definitely add fuel to your fire- 'go for it'.

As always, his achievements- in business, adventures are inspiring. Seldom do you find a leading business figure breaking world records in hot air balloons, speed boats. And even rare are dyslexic individuals building an empire right from the scratch. He does touch a lot about Virgin records, Virgin Airlines, Virgin aerospace but for the details you will have to read his autobiography- ‘Losing my virginity’..

His role in sorting out the crisis in the middle east (Jordan and Iraq) were a revelation to me. At that time, I had dismissed it as a publicity stunt by the rich and powerful. But his will to act and concern bought me over- even if it were to be it for the Virgin brand name.

Then he talks about the original 'British' spirit and culture. How he was brought up to be strong and independent. His parents undoubtedly love him, yet they always set up challenges to him and kept him abreast with realities and problems- right from his childhood times. Branson criticizes the modern day protective nature of the parents and holds it responsible for the loss of the 'entrepreneur/fighting spirit'.

Branson has promised another autobiography of his (he wrote the first one thanks to a near death experience in a hot air balloon). What more can he come up with? Let’s wait n watch…

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