Monday, August 17, 2009

New Home!

There been quite some change in our life ever since we moved here. We actually look forward to heading home instead of loafing around after work.

The drawing-dining and the kitchen are phenomenally large. Partly because we don’t have much stuff to fill in.

This is my bed. Before you point out, yes I accept there is a bed- mattress size mismatch. No, my brain has not gone cuckoo. We got the bed from the owners which could not house our previously bought mattresses very well.

The Bellandur lake is a heavenly site every morning. Contrary to my inhibitions, we do not have a mosquito problem. The maintenance people fog the area and that must be keeping those stinging maniacs at bay.

Morning view from my balcony :)

The services are pretty good and I have to complement the security and maintenance guys. The lighting is magnificent at night often making the area look like it's more expensive than it actually is. Construction quality: definitely the best. Priced like DLF's, Unitechs but your money gets better stuff here.

Praddy & Bugga

I liked the house the first time I saw it but when we saw the club-house, there were no second thoughts. All three of us knew instantly that getting this facility at this price is sort of a lottery.

A world class tennis court, 2 gymnasiums, an indoor badminton court (particularly proud of this one), a squash court, TT Table library and a swimming pool. I guess I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Am loving my life ever since I moved here. Though a lot of work has to be done: My Squash forehand is borrowed from Tennis’ and the badminton backhand is a disaster. I hope with time and practice, I’ll set it right ;)


  1. i must say...The view from the balcony is some-awe!! err..blanking out the buildings which r still under construction :P n ur room is the snuggest of all ;) yep, the badminton court is classy!

  2. so when can I come play badminton??!! It's been ages since I ve been yearning to play.. I am at home from the 18th btw ;)